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SignalScout 40

Signal Level Meter for Over-The-Air and Cable TV

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New low cost over-the-air, digital TV antennas provide viewers free access to digital Over-The-Air (OTA) Broadcast TV (ATSC 1.0). Free use of major network broadcasts has made “Cord Cutting” a growing trend that allows users to reduce or eliminate high cost paid services.

The SignalScout (SS40) allows for optimum antenna alignment as it is installed. The meter provides fast and accurate measurement of signal strength when tuning an antenna for a local TV channel. The SignalScout has a built-in compass to give a starting point for aiming the antenna.



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Antenna costs are moderate but installation costs can be high without the proper test tools. Traditional rooftop installations require numerous trips up and down a ladder to point the antenna and then go to the TV to determine if there is adequate signal for each channel.

The SignalScout  produces an audible tone that is proportional to the received signal strength so the user  does not even have to look at the display to get the best antenna alignment.

The SignalScout includes a 10dB amplifier for receiving weak signals from distant stations. This lets the user know if an amplifier must be installed in the home system for certain TV stations.

The SignalScout can be used to measure a single channel or an entire channel plan. There is also a learn mode to develop a channel plan for a specific location. The meter measures Signal level, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)/Modulation Error Ratio (MER), Tilt and provides Digital Error counts to verify the quality of the received signals and maintain or troubleshoot after installation.

The SignalScout also verifies CATV service. The unit is 64/256 QAM fully compliant and DOCSIS 3.1 (OFDM) signal level compatible. Noise return power is measured through a 42MHz low pass filter.


The SignalScout is an affordable high quality Signal Level meter for contractors and technicians installing digital antennas for OTA TV.

SS40 Features

Over-The-Air (OTA) TV (ATSC)

CableTV (CATV)

Full Channel Plan Scan

Supported Standards

SignalScout Features


  • Quickly Align Over-The-Air Broadcast TV Antennas for Cord Cutting
  • Measures Signal Level, SNR/MER, Tilt and Digital Errors
  • Measure and Test CATV Service Quality
  • Built in Compass for Locating Transmitter Stations
  • Audible Tone to Quickly Optimize Antenna Alignment

Over-The-Air (OTA) TV (ATSC)


  • Measures: Power, SNR/MER, Tilt, Digital Errors
  • Channel Measurement Speed: 200 msec typical
  • Frequency Range: 54 - 884 MHz
  • Power Levels: -90dBm -  0dBm
  • Amplifier: 0dB or +10dB
  • FM Band Filter to Reduce Interference




CableTV (CATV)


  • Measures: Power, SNR/MER, Tilt, Digital Errors, Noise Return Power
  • Channel Measurement Speed: 40 msec typical
  • Frequency Range: 44 - 1006 MHz
  • Power Levels: -40dBmV - +50dBmV
  • Noise Return Power: 0 - 42 MHz Total
  • Amplifier: 0dB or +10dB
  • Attenuator: -20dB
  • FM Band Filter to Reduce Interference

Full Channel Plan Scan Features


  • Measures:
    • Over-The-Air (OTA) TV channels (6 MHz ATSC)
    • Cable TV Digital QAM channels
    • Cable TV Analog channel power
    • Cable TV DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM channel power
  • Tilt auto-calculated while channel plan scanning
  • Capable of learning a Channel Plan


Field Calibration


  • Uses known cable TV signal levels for calibration in the field


Supported Standards


  • ATSC 1.0
  • ITU-T J.83
    • Annex A (DVB-C) (Planned)
    • Annex B (US)

Model & Accessories

Model Number Description  
SS40 SignalScout Signal Level Meter  





Dimensions Approximately 3.3 in. x 2.0 in. x 6.75 in. / 84 mm x 51 mm x 172 mm
Weight 13.2 ounces (387 grams)
Interface 2.9-inch Color LCD Touchscreen Display
Power Li-Ion Rechargable Battery Pack; AC Power 110/240 VAC (via USB port)
Standards ATSC A/53, ITU-T J.83, Annex A (DVB-C) (Planned), Annex B (US)
Connector Type  F Connector
Temperature range Operating: 32°F to 122°F (0 °C to +50 °C)
Storage: 14°F to +131°F (-10°C to +55°C)
Warranty One Year

Documents & Downloads

       SignalScout Datasheet  
       SignalScout Quick Start Guide  
       SignalScout User Guide  
       SignalScout White Paper - Testing Signal Strength at Various Distances  





       SignalScout Introduction  
       SignalScout - ATSC & CATV Level Feature  
       SignalScout - ATSC & CATV Scan Feature  
       SignalScout - Nosie Feature  
       SignalScout - Antenna Installation for Cutting Cable  






       Firmware Download
       SignalScout V20.7.3  


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