There's PingerPro. And there's everything else.

What makes a PingerPro unlike anything else? Because it lets you do so much, so easily.

IT specialists reach for their trusted PingerPro when response time is critical.

Manage network issues

From simple problems that can be resolved easily and quickly, to those that are more complex and require the assistance of a high quality IT network tester. We listened to user requests for extended features that will make it even easier for IT specialists to meet the next level of growing challenges. The new PingerPro network tester does just that and more.

We have added cable testing with fault location, Gigabit Ethernet capability, advanced IPv6 support, and Link Data (LLDP/CDP) to an already powerful feature set that you use every day. As a result, the PingerPro is the complete first response tool, designed to solve and manage your most frequent network challenges.

The PingerPro 71/76 has added PoE Testing, enhanced length testing, and wiremap terminator detection.

The PingerPro provides answers
you need

Whether you are installing new network drops or devices, monitoring performance or troubleshooting problems, the PingerPro quickly provides answers you need:


  • Is this cable wired correctly?
  • Does my switch support PoE?(PRO 71 & 76 only)
  • Where is a cable fault located?
  • Is this wall outlet connected?
  • What speed and duplex do I need to set to be compatible with the far end device?
  • What port on a switch is connected to the outlet that I am testing?
  • How is the connected switch port configured?
  • Is my MAC address registered?
  • Are the DHCP and DNS servers available?
  • Can I connect to servers and the Internet with IPv6?
  • Can I connect over copper or fiber links?
  • Is this patch cable good?
  • Can I document test results with a printed report?
  • and many more.

Quickly track down and fix difficult network problems

The PingerPro gets the job done fast and easy with an extensive suite of features and test capabilities that include:

  • Ultimate Ping Test
  • IPv4/IPv6 capability
  • Fast and configurable AutoTest
  • PoE/PoE+ Measurement (PRO 71& 76 only)
  • Copper or Fiber connectivity verification capability
  • Cable testing and fault identification
  • Link speed and duplex mode
  • Network traffic testing
  • Trace route information
  • Network device emulation (MAC cloning)
  • Power level on Fiber Measurement
  • Switch Port information (CDP/LLDP/EDP)
  • Store hundreds of test results
  • Professional Report generator
  • Rugged weather resistant case
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Easy touch screen interface
  • Multiple language capability
  • Built-in on-board help

The PingerPro makes network management even easier

In seconds, AutoTest provides answers on a color touch display that is clear and easy to read in a data center, under a desk, or in a wiring closet.

With a rugged design and rechargeable battery pack, the PingerPro is always available, always ready to meet your most demanding test requirements. And, you can document your test results with a few keystrokes, to prove the job's done right.

It's impossible to plan for every potential network problem, but with proactive monitoring and maintenance, and the help of the PingerPro, network downtime can be avoided or greatly minimized.

MADE IN USA. Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas. See your distributor for details. Application availability and pricing are subject to change.