TDR Cable Fault Locators

CableTool Multifunction Cable Meter

MEASURE CABLE LENGTH or distance to a cable fault up to 2500 FEET


Length and Voltage Meter

The CableTool model CT50 provides contractors, CATV, low voltage installers, or anyone involved in the installation or maintenance of metallic cables with the capability to quickly find faults in cables up to a distance of 2500 feet.

Using TDR technology, the CableTool diagnoses cable faults with no launch or dead zone and an accuracy to ±2%.

Simply select the appropriate cable type from the pre-stored library or enter the cable NVP, attach the leads to two conductors of the cable and with a single press of a button the length of the cable or distance to an open or short is displayed.

Voltage on the wires up to 250v is continuously measured by the built in, true RMS voltmeter and is displayed to warn of a potentially unsafe condition.

The CableTool CT50 will also inject a tracing tone onto the conductors to trace cables with a standard tone probe.

(A kit version, the model CTK5015 includes the model CT15 tone probe).

The universal banana jack test lead connectors allow for a wide range of adapters for any connector type. In addition, a BNC and F adapter are included. A carrying case and 4 "AA" batteries included.

The universal banana jack test lead connectors allow for a wide range of adapters for any connector type. The affordable CABLETOOL is an essential tool for anyone in the cabling industry.


  • Identify and Find the Distance to an Open or Short in Seconds
  • Measure Cable Length in a Box, on a Spool or in a Wall
  • Transmit Tone Signals for Tracing Hidden Cable Runs
  • Measure Voltage to Identify Live Circuits
  • Extensive Built-in Library of Cable Types
  • Compatible with All Common Cables
  • Displays Length in Feet or Meters
  • Ergonomic design for single hand operation

Length Measurement Screen

Continuous Voltage Measurement

Type of Cable Fault (Open or Short)

Length Measurement in Less Than 2 Seconds

Selectable Cable Type with a Library of Over 60 Cables

Adjustable Cable NVP

All Measurement Information Shown on One Screen with the Press of a Single Button

Why CableTool


Cables can be damaged during or after installation. Typically the damaged section is hidden from view behind walls, above ceilings or buried underground. The CABLETOOL uses TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology to quickly identify an open or a short and provide the distance to the problem location. Additionally, the tone generator feature works with standard tone probes so that the exact cable

path can be traced.



The CABLETOOL makes it easy for installers to know the amount of cable remaining on a spool or in a box before pulling a run. When multiple runs are being installed in the same area, the first run can be

measured to accurately determine the total amount of cable required to complete the job. Checking cable inventory prior to starting a job eliminates unplanned trips to buy more cable.



The CABLETOOL is simple to operate. After turning the unit on, a cable can be measured or toned with a single push of a button. The full graphics display provides all the cable and measurement information

together on one screen. The built-in library of over sixty cable types makes finding the correct cable information easy. The standard banana jack connectors means that different test leads and adapters are available from many vendors.



Telephone and CATV companies have used TDRs to find cable problems for over thirty years. Until recently, this type of tool cost thousands of dollars. Advances in technology have allowed the CABLETOOL to provide the capabilities of previous TDRs at a fraction of the price.




Dimensions: 7.0 in. x 3.2 in. x 1.4 in. (17.8 cm x 8.1 cm x 3.6 cm)

Weight : 8.7 ounces (w/batteries) 247 grams



Four AA Alkaline Batteries



Operating Temperature: 0° to 50°C

Storage Temperature: -10° to 55°C



Accuracy: +/- 2% plus +/- 2 feet (with correct NVP)

Resolution: 1 foot or 0.2 meters

Maximum: 2500 feet or 750 meters

Minimum: 0 feet or 0 meters




Voltage (True RMS Responding)

Range: 0-250V (AC or DC)

Accuracy: +/- 3% plus 1V


Tracing Tone

Frequencies: 575Hz, 977Hz, 1.0KHz, 7.82KHz

Patterns: Four



Graphical - 122 x 32 pixels

Product design and specifications subject to change without notice.


CableTool Model 50 Multifunction Cable Meter Kit Includes:

  • Red Test Lead with Alligator Clip
  • Black Test Lead with Alligator Clip
  • Carrying Case
  • Four AA Alkaline Batteries

MADE IN USA. Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas. See your distributor for details. Application availability and pricing are subject to change.