Install, move, change

Verify physical layer readiness with wiremap, fault length location, optical power measurement (75 & 76 only), port outlet connection identification, tone cable tracing and PoE/PoE+ Measurment (71 & 76 only).

Troubleshoot and manage

Check connectivity with Link and Ping tests, emulate devices, display port configuration information with LLDP/CDP and trace packet routes.

The PingerPro makes it easy with auto tests, and the ultimate Ping test.

AutoTest gets answers fast – quickly provide connectivity, device, port and security information you require to solve a majority of the problems found in networks.

Optimize and maintain

Identify IPv4 and IPv6 capable devices, measure round trip time to determine traffic loading, verify security settings.

Document and report

Store hundreds of test results with PingerPro.

All results can be saved internally and exported to the PingerPro Tools application for archiving and report generation.

Prove that tests have been done right with professional test documentation.

Test anywhere

On the run, even under extreme conditions, indoors or outdoors, the PingerPro's rugged design can get the job done fast and easily with extensive features and test capabilities.

First response tools

for high performance networks.

MADE IN USA. Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas. See your distributor for details. Application availability and pricing are subject to change.